For the love of brunch

At immersion

it is an institution!

Originality & Gluttony

We have traveled all over the world to find recipes and associations that are more delicious than the others. A seasonal French toast, a crispy chicken with panko breadcrumbs, a runny omelet with truffle and Beaufort, waffles flavored with orange blossom or a cookie indecently thick and raw to heart ... Homemade dishes, to enjoy without moderation!

All-Day Brunch

Brunch all day

With us, brunch is an everyday pleasure.
Nous sommes ouverts de 10h à 16h la semaine et de 9h à 19h le weekend.

Come live a unique experience and compose the brunch that suits you! Find us in the heart of Paris, in the 10th arrondissement, to (re) discover our menu.

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